Develop your artistry with industry professionals

who have a combined 30+ years in the music industry and can help you to reach the next level.

Build up your confidence in creating and releasing

your music independently.



£40 an hour*

- min. 2 hours

*£40 an hour until 31st December 2022. £50 per hour from 1st January 2023

What's included

  • Songwriting

  • Song structure & vocal arrangement

  • Vocal exercises & breathing techniques

  • Performance development

  • Interview & media training

  • Professional development coordinator

Assistance with

  • Melodies, harmonies, backing vocals

  • Recording

  • Marketing, release strategy PR

  • Distribution

  • Networking, mailing list
  • Contracts

Your new home

Pepper st Studio prides itself on the artists and musicians that

come through the door.

We give a high standard of service

at all times.


Recording is one of the most popular services here and we are happy

to be a part of your music project.