Sirlute COVID-19 Strategy


Booking times

  • Pepper st. Studio will be bookable on-the-hour 24/7, weekdays and weekends. Session length will be unlimited ensuring the number of the group are within 6 people.

  • All bookings to be made through the Studio Booking, here:


Exits and entrances

  • Users must enter and exit the studio corridor through the main entrance. Please strictly observe booked times and wear a mask until in the studio.



  • Users must observe each rooms’ maximum capacity, which is 6 people observing social distancing.  

  • Users must fully sanitise the computer keyboard, work area and any other studio equipment used with supplied cleaning products before and after use.

  • Users must open windows to allow air to circulate. Please leave on time at the end of your booking to allow 15 minutes for new air to circulate before the next booking.

  • Users entering the studio corridors will need to wear a mask and keep a 2m distance if queueing to get into the Unit via their access point.

  • Users must use the hand sanitiser upon entering the studios.

  • If users wish to use the MIDI controller keyboards, piano or drums, they must use alcohol wipes (present in each room) to clean all keys, before and after use.

  • Please consult with the studio manager if you have questions.

PPE Available

  • We will check temperatures on arrival. 

  • You will have hand sanitiser and masks available if you do not have your own. 

  • PPE equipment is free.

Sillky Slim, Sirlute Studio Manager: