Our Youngstars learn with Poet and Tutor Kayleigh @allofthewatersigns who has curated many programmes to inspire young writers of the future. 


What to Expect

Short Fiction

Short Fiction Age 6-10  Week 2

An amusing and insightful introduction into the creative minds of our Youngstars in this preface to Short-Fiction.

Exploring alternative perspectives through some light-hearted writing exercises and a reading of Ted Hughes' 'The Iron Man'. This literary food for though encouraged us to end the session with 'some acts of kindness' exercises.




Poetry Age 11-16 Week 1

The Sirlute team were overjoyed with the work produced by the Youngstars in this introduction to Poetry.


Inspired by the work of Langston Hughes, Charles Bukowski, and Maya Angelou, to name a few. We were delighted to see how they applied their own experiences. to create some commendable pieces of visceral imagery, in their self portrait style poems.