Learn how to Spin, Mix and gas up your friends with your music selection. Our DJ programmes are designed to take you on a development journey from beginner all the way through our "ready to work' programme in just 18 weeks. 


Upon completing of the  DJ programme 

YoungStars will be able to:

  • Mix two tracks together in time using a MIDI controller

  • Beat match two different songs

  • Use special effects 

  • Liaise with clients on new work opportunities 

  • Enhance their skillset further with continued support and new learning opportunities

Learn how to Mix without clanging

Is this your calling?

Have you always or recently developed a curiosity to know how your favourite tracks were really made?

Have you struggled with getting your songs to pop like they do on the radio?

Do you have a talent for creating catchy lines and melodies

or wanted to know how to?


YoungStars supported by CEO JR

What our YoungStars Say



What you will learn.

Topics covered throughout the learning programme

  • How to set the vibe for the audience 

  • Finding songs
  • MIDI Controllers vs Decks
  • Studio Equipment and Wiring


YoungStars Awarded Certificates

What is a YoungStar?

A YoungStar is an individual within our community that is keen to learn, make a difference and stay motivated. A YoungStar is not afraid to learn new skills, develop their talents and be unique!

Sound like you? You know what to do...

Personal Development

We help and stick with you throughout your creative journey. Take a look at our Personal Development programme for YoungStars to see what other support and resources you'll have access to.

Read more here.

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