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Crowdfund Project: Lockdown Online Music Workshops

Updated: May 13

Crowdfunding project to support key workers' children and young people from disadvantaged background.


Sirlute has a direct response to the crisis to protect young people and support key workers. Delivering online learning programmes that are age related from 5-18 years old. Programmes will run for 12 weeks and be delivered by experienced musicians and people of the industry. The vision is to use isolation as a gateway to learn, teach, support and share with like-minded individuals within the Sirlute family.

Why it's a great idea:

This project will help at risk, hard to reach young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to stay away from endangering environments. With a music education programme that will bring individuals together, in a safe space for them to make their own original piec

es of music and take part in positive activities. Young people will work together and build st

rong relationships in and across communities, helping them to reach their potential, by supporting them at the earliest possible stage.

Steps to get it done:

  • Purchasing equipment and launching online programme

  • Share first piece of work from a YoungStar

  • Share 10 pieces of work from a YoungStar

  • Build or relocate Pepper st. Studio

  • Share first piece of work from Pepper st. Studio after crisis

  • Launch first workshop after crisis

  • Host first showcase ceremony after crisis

  • Hire four employees after crisis

  • Purchase equipment to facilitate music production & songwriting workshops for group sizes up to 20

  • Purchase equipment to facilitate media and live workshops for group sizes up to 8

RAISING Total£8,521

How you can support Sirlute:

To back the project head over to Spacehive


. If you want to find out more about the project get in touch by email (info@sirlute.com)


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