• Madiha Basith

My Sirlute Story.

Hi, today is the day where I tell you my story of wanting to work for Sirlute. Now ,as great as a company as Sirlute is; as much as I fell in love with the story of the business; as much as I thought I was well suited to the job role; I truly had no idea what I was in store for when starting the job. I will not lie to you, it was hectic, dramatic and completely unpredictable and I will tell you exactly why.

From the moment I came across the apprenticeship application, I thought- yes this apprenticeship is a bit of me. If anything, it sounded like the apprenticeship was made for me. I was drawn to it from the moment I read it was a digital marketing apprenticeship with a recording studio. It just made sense for me, being a singer who was looking to get into marketing it made the most sense. If anything, it sounded like a dream. Almost, like it was too good to be true.

I started the job and the work seemed absolutely fine, completely within my comfort zone. From the day we started, JR- our manager made it clear that we had to work for the company because WE wanted to be a part of the company, and not be working for him purely for the money and qualification but to genuinely want to be part of the Sirlute team- long term. I never really understood what he meant when he said that but BOY DID I LEARN!

A turn of events meant that we were suddenly packing up pepper st studios and moving into a container. Having no prior knowledge of us having to muck in and help the process- we all got stuck into the work and I found myself carrying equipment down two flights of stairs, something I’d never usually do. I was mad. I was annoyed, I felt as though this wasn’t the job I signed up for and after hurting my leg in the process, I was very much ready to pack up the stuff and go home. I took my frustration out on the work- I allowed myself to get distracted and slack.

Here is Exhibit A of me not taking my job seriously and looking at the pretty views instead of doing my job! I then geared all my frustration and confusion about this new workplace onto JR. It wasn’t fair. I came in the next day with a clear head ready to just once again do my work and go home. It was quite evident to JR that I was not my usual self and after he came in late I was even more irritated. I opened up. We had a team meeting and we all voiced our frustrations, concerns, issues. The apprentices with JR and JR with us. It was here that I realised, I was annoyed and feeling all this bad energy because I felt as though I was working for JR and not because I genuinely wanted to be a part of the team.

Did I still love the story of Sirlute, the purpose and want to continue working for them? Of course! Was I enjoying the work I was doing at that given moment in time? No, and that was evident. However, I realised, we are a team building a business from scratch. We have a vision for what we want the company to become, we have to be prepared for whatever circumstance is thrown at us as every day will never be the same and situations can change in an instant. At that moment, I began working for myself. I happily began to do the work needed to be done because I wanted to do it and I wanted to benefit the company. I was now working for myself and it changed my attitude to work completely. I think the way we handled the situation as a team, from the communication about our stress to the plan of action moving forward also showed us

that we can all do this, we CAN all work together.

Suddenly, I felt like it was the restart of that dream job I had originally imagined.

And THAT is my Sirlute story.

As always here is the link to our website to learn more about apprenticeships; job vacancies and the company in general:


Have fun scrolling through and I’ll get back to you! Madihaaaa

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