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The World's End - Camden Town
The World's End - Camden Town

From April 12th, more than 15,000 pubs will re-open next week as the government's easing of lockdown restrictions start to ease and some landlords will be doing everything they can to ensure punters are served.

Leading pub chains have announced when they will be pouring drinks for punters again ahead of the next stage of lockdown lifting. Service will likely be restricted to outdoor seating until May 17, and pub staff are preparing themselves for the arrival of many thirsty Brits next week.

It is said that some landlords may open up their car parks and use roads as makeshift beers gardens. Pub owners say they hope to make up for lost time with service totally stopping months ago ... There is a lot of time to make up for now!

Opening times in certain pub chains:

Whetherspoon's: Certain pubs will shut at 10pm - but some are open later, while others close at 9pm. The popular chain has confirmed some of its pubs will reopen at 9am on April 12. But not all Wetherspoons have outside space - so will be forced to stay shut until next month.

Marston’s: The pub has confirmed plans to open over 700 beer gardens and other outdoor spaces. The company said it is opening approximately 70 per cent of its 1,000 pubs across England.

Greene King: The chain hope to open 442 pubs on April 12, roughly a third of their overall total.

Most Greene King pubs will start serving at 11am. Some will open their doors at midday - with closing times ranging from 9pm until midnight. They say full details are on the chain's website.

Young's: Young's has confirmed they will not be opening their doors early.

Opening times may vary, and most will start serving food and drinks from 11am.

You can now call to book tables, and it is advisable to reserve your spot beforehand.

Most pubs will close at 11pm, but please do double check beforehand.