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Securing the Apprenticeship!

Updated: May 12

So guys, the time has come for me to tell you about my personal story about how I became part of the Sirlute Family.

After a long summer at home, leaving college, not having friends, multiple jobs, I wanted to get my life back on track- the only stable in my life at the time was music. I’d always had an interest in business, more specifically, marketing. After coming back from a horrible holiday in Madrid, my mum made it her number one priority to get my life sorted and get me back into education. She wanted me to go and do a pre-course in uni and get my level 3 qualification before being able to go straight into a BA Honours in Business at university. It was a course that would’ve started at the end of February with multiple other people of different ages and just wanting to get their qualification and go. I wanted more than that. Truly, I did not want to go to uni. I still went to the interview, I gave in my documents, attended the campus and even enrolled for student finance. Through the 8 months I spent at home, I was continuously searching for apprenticeships, I had rejection after rejection and still continued to apply with the intention that whichever was able I’d leave university immediately and go into working life.

I was always someone that learns better through working instead of sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. There was no way I would attend lectures and make notes to do exams. NOW, one day my laptop broke but I was determined to go and sit in the internet cafe and not leave until every single business apprenticeship on the national government website was ticked and said ‘applied’.

The national government’s website for apprenticeships would save the same answers from the last application and automatically copy it onto the next one. Seeing as they were all the same apprenticeships for business admin, but the companies differed between them it was almost as if I’d just click copy and paste and submit, multiple times. Out of curiosity I searched for a marketing apprenticeship, sirlute was the only application to show up. I clicked onto the description and thought OH MY GOD now this is a bit of me. When I clicked on apply I realised it was a completely different apprenticeship to the others and so now this meant I couldn’t use the same application I’d been using- I just had to rewrite a whole new one that was specifically tailored to the company.

Writing my application was the easy part because I genuinely had love for the company and really wanted to be the right candidate- however I just had to keep in mind that if it is meant for me then it will come to me and I can’t tailor myself to an apprenticeship role. I didn’t think I would get a response as like the hundreds before, I’d never gotten very far with the process. Low and behold the next morning, I was woken up at 10am with a phone call- I picked up half asleep thinking it was the university but I received the biggest shock when I found that it was (my now manager) JR. He invited me to an interview on the following Tuesday. Personally, I like to have an entire way to prep myself for interviews however as I’d started with the mindset of ‘if it’s meant to be, it will be’, I attended the interview purely as myself and most authentic version of me. It was the best interview I’ve ever had n terms of bouncing off the person interviewing me. , here lies exhibit A of me being overly gassed about how well it went,

JR and I vibed from the moment I walked in and I knew that if the job wasn’t to be mine, I’d defo come back and be a client of the company in the near future.

Within three days, I had a call back and I was asked to come in and do two trial days, I had my trial day with another girl called Riley and I don’t think I’ve ever geled so easily with a colleague, ever. The start of the workforce between, myself, JR and Riley is honestly so fun, the most positive of vibes and I’ve learnt more in my two days here, willingly, than I would’ve in University.

And THAT is my Sirlute story- just the start, I know you want to hear more but my story has just started.

As always here is the link to our website to learn more about apprenticeships; job vacancies and the company in general:


Have fun scrolling through and I’ll get back to you! Madihaaaa

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