• Madiha Basith

Sirlute the King

“Create. Produce. Perform.”

One of the many aspects to the music industry is performing, it’s truly one of the biggest outlets. When I’m on stage it is the place where I feel most free. My true authentic self is when I’m performing and I’m singing a song I can relate to, or even an original. To me, that’s where I feel at home. Daunting as it may be, I was given a talent that I’d love to only share with the world and at Sirlute, we all have one common goal combined with our number one rule which is that we bring positive vibes only. It’s great because it means that no matter how much I may butcher my performance due to nerves, I will never ever be judged or feel as though I won’t be able to do it again.

My first day here, I performed for my colleagues- to you it may seem as though it’s not much of a deal and it’s just my colleagues so why be afraid, if it’s what I do, however I hadn’t performed in over a year and it was my first time properly meeting everyone so you can imagine how nervous I was. It was probably the first time I genuinely felt positive vibes in the air. It sounds so cliche and slightly cringe but it’s one of the main reasons, I stayed with company and love my job. I get to keep my roots, keep my hobby and see others explore their potential.

One of the best ways of finding new talent, new artists and others with the same interest as I have in music is through Sirlute’s event: Sirlute the King. An open jam session where the youth are able to come and showcase their voices, their music etc. It’s a time where you’re given a platform to be heard and noticed. It’s one of the most exciting events held by Sirlute and I’m constantly excited to see what our artists pull out the bag.


I’m pretty sure, I’ll keep everyone updated in terms of dates and times regarding the event - since I’m so excited about it myself.

As always here is the link to our website:


Have fun scrolling through, next week I’ll get back to you!


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