Pepper st Studio prides itself on the artists and musicians that come through the door. We give a high standard of service at all times. Recording is one of the most popular services here and we are happy to be a part of your music project.


Record with an advanced sound engineer. We will record and use your best takes to craft the sound you want. 


- 3 Hour Session

- Up to 5 people

- In House Sound Engineer

- Pre-production

- Recording

- Pre-mix

Assistance with:

- Songwriting

- Harmonies

- Verse structure

- Tones

- Finding the right key

- Arrangement

- Effects


- JVC KD-10 (Stereo Cassette Deck)

- Nakamichi ZX-7 (Cassette Deck)

- Motu 828 ES (Pre AMP)

- Marantz EQ & Audio Mixer

- AKG 214C

- Behringer C1 (Condenser Mic)

- Yamaha HS8

- Micro Korg XL (Synth)

- Akai MPK Mini MK2 (Midi)

iMac 27"

- Samsung 20"