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Start Date: 13th March 2024

Address: ELAM college, Maltings Close, E3 3TA

Time: 3-5pm


Ready to turn your songwriting into a structured and ready-to-release EP? It’s time to join our songwriting camp masterclass! Led by experienced songwriters and industry professionals, this collaborative programme takes you from simply crafting lyrics to having a fully recorded, mixed, and mastered EP.

What you'll learn in Songwriting:

  • Creative Writing - concepts, storytelling

  • Flow Switching - use different flows in your verses

  • Vocal Exercises - strengthen your voice with simple exercises

  • Recording - lay your vocals at Sirlute Studios.

What you'll learn in Branding:

  • Performance - stage presence, crowd engagement, breathing control

  • Brand Identity - who are you as an artist and what do you represent

  • Artwork - design artwork for the project EP release 

  • Press Kit - create an electronic press kit including images, press releases and more.


By the end of our Coast 2 Coast Masterclass, you’ll have a polished EP and a wealth of knowledge and skills to add to your creative portfolio. Not only this, but you’ll gain confidence in your abilities and learn from the techniques used by other successful artists. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your music career to the next level!

Regardless of your genre, sound, or influences. Rapper, vocalist, producer, or sound engineer, the Coast 2 Coast Masterclass has something for everyone. 

What's included:

  • Collaboration with fellow songwriters to enhance your songwriting skills

  • The ability to showcase your talent through music promotion and get exposure to industry professionals

  • Peer mentoring and group discussions to gain insights and advice from other aspiring musicians

  • Personalised, one-on-one support from experienced music industry professionals

  • Mentorship and guidance from a music industry professional throughout the programme

  • Music industry and networking events to connect with industry experts and build your network

  • Live performance opportunities at various venues to hone your skills

  • An end-of-programme event and receive a TC Certificate of completion in recognition of your success.

Further details

No. of groups: 1

Sessions per group: 8

Participants per group: 12

Facilitators: JR, Rxwntree & DJammin

Partner: True Cadcence

What is a YoungStar?

A YoungStar is an individual within our community that is keen to learn, make a difference and stay motivated. A YoungStar is not afraid to learn new skills, develop their talents and be unique!

Sound like you? You know what to do...

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