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Start Date: Saturday, 22nd July 2023

Address: arebyte gallery, 7 Botanic Square, London, E14 0LG

Time: 10AM - 2PM


An all-around four-part creative design programme by arebyte and Sirlute will start with a one-day design workshop for young people aged 11 to 16 years old. The first part of the programme will be delivered by Graphic Designer and Music Artist Kieron Boothe.

Over the course of the programme, participants will have the opportunity to develop their design skills, collaborate with others, and create a unique piece of work that will be used to create merchandise and an e-commerce store that will be sold online.

What you will learn


The following workshops, will see participants have the opportunity to continue working with other industry professionals, to refine their designs and create a finished product that is ready for sale. Once the designs are finalised, they will be used to create merchandise that will be sold online through an e-commerce store. This will be an exciting opportunity for participants to see their work come to life and be sold to a wider audience. They will also gain valuable experience in the business side of design, including branding, marketing, and e-commerce.

What's on offer:

  • Design, multi-media, business development

  • Learn from Industry Experts

  • Creative learning

  • 4 week programme

  • 4 hour long workshops

Further details

Reoccurrence: Once a week

No. of sessions: 4

Participants: 6

Facilitators: Sirlute & Co, Kieron Boothe, Ese

Programme outline

Key dates:

Week One. Saturday 22nd July

- Graphics Design

- w/ Kieran Boothe 


Week Two. Saturday 29th July

- Business start-up

- w/ Sirlute & Co.

Week Three. Saturday 5th August

- Photoshoot

- w/ Ese 

Week Four. Saturday 12th August

- Social media & Sales

- w/ Sirlute & Co. 

What is a YoungStar?

A YoungStar is an individual within our community that is keen to learn, make a difference and stay motivated. A YoungStar is not afraid to learn new skills, develop their talents and be unique!

Sound like you? You know what to do...

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