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Start Date: Saturday, 10TH June 2023

Address: Island Social, London City Island, E14 0LH

Time: 1PM - 4PM


The ‘'It's A Mag Ting’ project is a creative self-development programme designed to teach 6, 16–25 year-olds practical, transferrable creative skills (camera operating, digital content creation, editing, producing, presenting and marketing), interpersonal and employability skills (punctuality, presenting professionally, interview techniques and etiquette), so that they can progress into employment opportunities within the creative sector and/or re-enter educational pathways. This 32-week programme will consist of five weekly workshops. Participants will access relevant support and mentoring from established creatives and industry insiders.

This project will benefit the local community by empowering under-represented youth, encouraging positive behaviour, and giving them a chance to prove their credibility and access creative opportunities they would otherwise be locked out of. Progressing in this way means that young people are more able to seek and secure further education and employment opportunities resulting in well-rounded individuals contributing to the local community.

What you will learn

Join us for two half-day weekend workshops where you'll get the chance to use your creativity and imagination to make films about the past and future of Poplar.

You'll learn how to use storytelling, imagination techniques to create engaging and thought-provoking videos that will capture the essence of this vibrant neighbourhood.

You'll get the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals to play games, brainstorm ideas and learn from each other's perspectives and experiences. And after the workshops, your ideas and videos will be exhibited in the art gallery in Aberfeldy Village!!

Further details

Reoccurrence: Twice a week

No. of sessions: 56

Participants: 6-15

Facilitators: Husky, Ice, Paul, JR

Partners: Armz Korleone, Sirlute

Funders: Canary Wharf, LLDC

Programme outline

Subject timeline:

  • Week One. Introduction to the subject

  • Week Two. Further learning in the subject

  • Week Three. YoungStars plan their own work

  • Week Four. YoungStars deliver their own work



  • Producing, Ice

  • Camera operating, Husky

  • Directing, Husky + Ice

  • Editing, Husky

  • Journalism, Aaron

  • Writing + content creating, Paul

  • Digital Marketing + web development, JR + Canary Wharf

What is a YoungStar?

A YoungStar is an individual within our community that is keen to learn, make a difference and stay motivated. A YoungStar is not afraid to learn new skills, develop their talents and be unique!

Sound like you? You know what to do...

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